Thursday, 25 June 2009

Gagged? So much for academic freedom at Cardiff University!

Some of the campaigners have received the following email from Louise Casella, the University's Director of Strategic Development. We are in a statutory 90-day consultation period. Why shouldn't we consult with our colleagues? What does this say about academic freedom at Cardiff?

I note that you have recently written widely from your University email address on behalf of the "The Campaign to Save the Arts, Humanities and Welsh at Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning"

Could I please request that any future communications on behalf of the Campaign are sent from a personal or generic email account for the Campaign and do not use a "" account. Given the nature of the communication it is inappropriate that it be sent from an official Cardiff University account.

I have copied both Dr Evans, your Head of School, and Dr Wyatt who has been representing the Campaign in communications with the University into this email. Please be assured that I am not in anyway seeking to interfere with the Campaign's freedom to act as it sees appropriate, however I am requesting that the Campaign not use University resources in a manner that could be taken to infer official endorsement of its activities.

Thank you
Louise Casella

Mrs Louise Casella
Director of Strategic Development
Cardiff University

PA: Lucy Skellon 029 2087 4834

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  1. You can read the university's IT regulatiuons here: