Wednesday, 25 November 2009

An Update: Humanities Relaunched

During the summer, and the autumn term, all the humanities tutors were made redundant. Two co-ordinating lecturers have had to move on. Dr Ian Spring has taken early retirement. Dr Dave Wyatt has been redeployed to the History Department, though continues to be involved in community engagement work. Pat Clark and Dr Nick Jones are sharing the single co-ordinating lectureship in Humanities.

The University Council eventually agreed that up to fifty Humanities courses could be re-launched, as part of a trial programme, to start in January 2010.

It was stressed that these courses must be financially viable, and form part of an academically coherent programme. Centre staff devised a programme of over 40 suitable courses, and set about recruiting tutors.

We’ve now advertised; interviewed many well-qualified people - some of whom were familiar faces - and set up a new programme of courses which, we hope, will be successful. There will actually be about 36 courses starting in either January or after Easter, and more may be added if there is a demand for follow-on courses.

The new programme will include: Creative Writing, Music, Art and Architecture, History, and a small Philosophy element.

A new “Choices” course brochure is coming out in December, and will include our new Humanities programme. It will also be on the Centre website here.

Do take a look, and sign up for a course.