Saturday, 9 May 2009


Open Meeting
Thursday 14 May, 7pm, at the Learn Building (room tba).
Aim: to finalise arrangements for the demonstration on 18 May; to update supporters about progress so far; to discuss further campaign ideas.

18 May, 4pm, University Main Building, Park Place.
The University Council meets at 5pm on 18 May. They will be making decisions about our future. Let’s help them to realise that we are a vibrant Centre and that people in South Wales care about educational opportunities.
Please come. Bring your friends and family.

Our last open meeting (on Tuesday 5 May) was very productive.
Ms Jenny Randerson A.M. spoke and pledged her support to the campaign. Our students and colleagues were heartened by her words. Several students spoke to say how studying at the Centre had changed their lives. Mr Nick Yates, the Student Union Education and Welfare officer, publicly supported our campaign. A number of academic staff from other departments came and showed their support. Afterwards, a lot of productive networking happened. Thank you to everyone.

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